Opposites Attract  (Student/Teacher Romance-Arranged Marriage)

Opposites Attract (Student/Teacher Romance-Arranged Marriage)

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Scarlette Williams is a 16 year old girl from Springfield, CA.  She's an intelligent senior in highschool.  She even skipped  a grade. However, she's an outcast in her school...a loner.  Her only friends are teachers and she spends all her free time reading, writing, and doing extra credit assignments. She doesn't believe in love due to her dysfunctional family history.  But can someone change her ways and show her how to love? Jeff King is Scarlette's new English teacher. He's young, handsome, and is the complete opposite of Scarlette and Scarlette immediatly hates him . He's a party boy, hates work, and hated school..yet he's a teacher...ironic. He also comes from a prestige family.  Even more ironic, Jeff and Scarlette are in love with eachother. Jeff makes his love for Scarlette clearly visible to her, but Scarlette pushes him away and ignores her true feelings for Jeff. Will she give in to temptation and fall for her exact opposite in the world? Or will she continue to push him away and find someone like her?

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CarlieStein CarlieStein Feb 07
My English class is in room B222 and I hate this class with passion.
chicana_12m chicana_12m Jun 15, 2017
I have a teacher who left after this year because of how we were
not_so_pretty_girl not_so_pretty_girl Nov 28, 2016
OMG..... My name IS scarlette i am 16 (but a junior) My only friends are my teachers (no joke) and i prefer to wear dark close. the only time i wear bright clothes is when im forced to.
rosala99 rosala99 Sep 11, 2016
Who tells his or her student that?? " Just come... You'll like me in no time.....??!!" REALLY
Gennell Gennell Jan 20, 2017
Scarlette seems like a very smart girl, I hope she's not as sensitive. If she can stand up to the teacher, I'm sure she can stand up to those who bully her. Great story so far. Read a couple other student/teacher stories and they almost always turn out the same. I hope I'm wrong with this one
TooSkinny1912 TooSkinny1912 Feb 21, 2016
Um I know you're a nerd but I'm sure you know the meaning of seduce