Just a Feeling || Josh Dun X Reader

Just a Feeling || Josh Dun X Reader

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camister By ItsCamister Updated Jul 22

One of your best friends, Tyler Joseph, had texted you one random day to come over to his house, telling you nothing except to "look nice". When you arrived, you never expected to meet Tyler's other best friend, Josh Dun. Both of you later found out Tyler had invited you both to his house at the same time on purpose. 

Now knowing you were one of Tyler's favorite "ships", both of you decided to become friends and nothing more. 

Want to know what happens next? Read to find out!

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My friends did this to me and I shouted “WILL YOU STAPH I’M GAY FOR FUCKS SAKE” and that’s how I came out 😂
Uh Tyler, do you have a frend you’re not telling me about!? I ALWAYS KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME. *cries*
Josh and ty are secretly in a cult and are communicating with Satan as we speak. 😂