Chapter 1

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Light peered through the curtains in my room, waking me up from a dream I forgot of the second I opened my eyes. I let out a groan, turning my face away from the window that had woken me up.

I hate mornings.

I laid there for few minutes, attempting to go back to sleep, but I knew there was no use. I let out a tired sigh before lifting my upper body with a loud yawn. I looked around with heavy eyelids before I balled up my hands and brought them up to my eyes, rubbing the sleepiness out of them.

I stayed there for a few moments before I sighed and got up from my bed. Thankfully, today I didn't have to work, so I had this day all for myself. On the bad side, I didn't really have any plans or something interesting to do, so I decided I was just going to spend the day doing absolutely nothing and maybe order some pizza to eat later.

Walking to my kitchen, I decided to get a glass of water, since my throat was feeling a bit dry. After the refreshing drink, I made my way to the living room and sat on my [fav/color] sofa. Since I had nothing special planned, I thought maybe I could sit here and watch [fav/tvshow] all day. I had nothing better to do, so why not?


An hour has passed, and I had been watching [fav/tvshow] all this time, like I'd planned. The show was getting pretty interesting, so I decided to get some popcorn and even a [fav/drink]. I was enjoying it quite a lot, until I recieved a notification from my phone.

From Tyler: [Nameeee]

A small chuckle left my lips, reading the message that belonged to one of my best friends, Tyler Joseph. We hung out from time to time, but recently, we haven't been talking much, so this was kind of a surprise.

Still, I ignored it.

I kept watching the TV show until Tyler was basically spamming me with messages, desperate to get my attention.

I sighed, knowing he wouldn't stop until I answered him. I grabbed my phone and laughed when I saw I had sixteen unread messages, all belonging to none other than Tyler.

With a grin on my face, I replied back.

From You: Whaaaaaat?

From Tyler: Ugh finally. Hey, wanna come over?

Reading that message made my grin even wider, if that was possible. Well, guess I don't have to spend my day watching TV shows or any of that sort.

From You: Sure! When?

Immediately, Tyler replied.

From Tyler: YAY! And I was thinking in 30 min or so? Idk I'm bored

With a laugh, I replied to his message.

From You: Alright. I'll come over in 30 min. Bye!

From Tyler: See ya. Look nice

I looked at Tyler's last message weirdly. 'Look nice'? What did he mean by 'nice'? Well, that's something I didn't expect.

Quickly brushing off the thought, I got up from my sofa to get ready. I decided to take a quick shower first, so I walked over to my bedroom and looked for something nice I could wear today. I ended up picking a neat [fav/color] top with black skinny jeans.

Walking to my bathroom with the clothes I had chosen, I turned on the [hot/cold] water and quickly took my clothes off to take a small shower. I placed my new clothes nearby and quickly got in. Since it was just to get refreshed, I got out of the shower in five minutes or so and put on my top and my skinny jeans.

Now fully clothed, I dried my hair and brushed away all of the knots. I quickly applied a very small amount of makeup before looking at myself in the mirror and checking if my hair's not messy or if I need to adjust my top. Everything seemed to be fine, so I smiled at the mirror, satisfied, before turning off the lights and walking out of the bathroom. I got my phone along with my keys and left my house, quickly locking the door and walking to my car. I got in and started to drive to Tyler's house.

Soon getting bored of the silence, I decided to plug the AUX cord into my phone and press the music app. As soon as I hit shuffle, Migraine came on. A smile spread on my face as I sang some bits of the song for the rest of the ride.

After a few minutes of singing and driving, I had finally arrived to Tyler's house. I got out of my car and locked it, then stuffed my keys back into my pocket. Stepping in front of the door, I pressed the doorbell and waited for Tyler to come out. It took a few seconds before I started hearing shuffling and the door was opened, only to reveal a grinning Tyler.

"[Name]!" he yelled, immediately embracing me into a friendly hug.

"Hey, Ty." I hugged him back, a large smile forming.

"Why haven't you visited in such a long time? I missed you." Tyler let go of me and brought me inside his home, his grin never leaving his lips.

I chuckled. "I missed you, too."

Tyler then looked at me and smiled excitedly. "Hey, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine."

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