His Angel

His Angel

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itsirrs By itsirrs Updated Dec 18, 2016


Her name left his lips in a breathless whisper. His eyes dark and filled with regret, "Come here babygirl, please."

She shook her head frantically, her doe eyes brimming with tears. His heart squeezed painfully at her broken look. He caused this. He made his Angel sad. How could he?

A tear slipped down her rosy cheeks, causing his heart to bleed even more. A sob escaped her lips and that's when he rushed forward and engulfed her in his arms, ignoring her protests.

He buried his face into the crook of her neck, chanting sorry over and over again.

"My sweet Angel, i'm so sorry my love"


He was anything but kind. He was cruel and heartless. He could ruined a person's life in a snap. But there was this gaping hole in his heart and he didn't know what to fill it with. That was until he laid his eyes on her. 


In which a billionaire became besotted with a young girl who knew nothing of the cruelty of the world.

Nelirifat Nelirifat Jan 07
Oh! So she's not that oblivioys as she seems! She's innocent indeed, but she can see the burning fire of love and desire in their yes. Intriguing!
mgwescoat mgwescoat Aug 26, 2016
She seems to like the second guy .  Paul is just a friend TO near.
Nelirifat Nelirifat Jan 07
Wow! Two guys after her! Both in love with her and with her innocence! I personally like Paul, her only friend, but Colton has the means to make her his angel!
KaterineArdon KaterineArdon 2 days ago
Wtf there is another book called "His Angel" something like that and it's kinda the same at ours ..
Nelirifat Nelirifat Jan 07
Jeez! Are men like that??? Or just these characters in books?
LyricQuotes LyricQuotes Dec 28, 2016
Two types of people in this world @flawed-angels and @LoveTheBeautyInYou