Royal or Loyal? [A garmau AU]

Royal or Loyal? [A garmau AU]

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Aphmau Jessica Phoenix.

One of the most wanted fugitives of the entire Ru'an region. 

She's a criminal, a thief, a threat.

Every village is offering a big reward for her.  

Dead or alive. 

Garroth Anthony Ro'meave. 

Eldest prince of O'khasis, the most powerful and wealthy city in Ru'an. 

Also the next in line to take the lordship of such a wealthy city.

He was royalty.

But sometimes he didn't want to be. 

Aphmau and Garroth shouldn't have crossed paths.  Their almost polar opposites.  Why would they have to?

What would happen if they did? 


Kyree here! And credit to the person who took the picture, because it isn't mine. 

All characters rightfully belong to the YouTuber Aphmau.

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