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Secrets of a Ravenclaw

Secrets of a Ravenclaw

317K Reads 14.6K Votes 37 Part Story
Mrs. Malfoy ♛ By Slytherinwitch13 Completed

Within two years Caoimhe became invisible. After her mother passes away during her second year, life continues to get worse. With no other relatives left to turn to, she has to move in with her mysterious half-brother Colm. As she begins her fourth year at Hogwarts, Caoimhe assumes the coming year will be as horrible as the rest...until Harry Potter sits in her compartment on the train. Life begins looking better as she makes unexpected friendships and joins Dumbledore's Army. A year later she is asked to tutor the one and only Draco Malfoy, and begins an unlikely relationship. Along the way she discovers her mother's dark past and the secret to her father's identity.

starryodonoghue starryodonoghue Aug 15, 2016
This looks like an interesting fanfic, I'm excited to read!! :)
Caoimhe2002 Caoimhe2002 Jul 25, 2016
My names Caoimhe but very few people know how to pronounce it or even realise it's a name I pronounce it quee vah
She has a point and has probably said "No, you are not going to be any good for me, we are no longer really good friends, I don't need you in my life anymore." sh is looking out for herself and has said no more to the friend who did ignore her.
HowlingMarvel HowlingMarvel Dec 18, 2016
Isn't it funny how Maeve is being such a rat and then I look at the cast and see Rodent😂😂
First chapter and I've already forgotten how to pronounce it
Eve_Orelon Eve_Orelon Jan 26
If my best friend did that I wouldn't have been a b*tch, I would've tried to help them as much as possible!