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Grave Matters- A Stiles (Teen wolf fanfic)

Grave Matters- A Stiles (Teen wolf fanfic)

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Chamari Pitigala By silverspacechameleon Completed

“You are smart you have the eyes and forehead for it, it’s not rocket science, and it’s your personality profile.” He frowned, rocket science? She pulled out his deepest insecurities, tossed it on a table and picked at it with hypothetical tweezers. 
“What were you like some sad typist behind a desk evaluating profile compatibility at” She grinned at his words not in the slightest bit insulted. 
“Do you always joke your way out of a stressful situation, defense mechanism yeah?” His frown deepened and she shook her head still smiling.
“No need to be so anxious,” She murmured while leaning back “Tell you what, why don’t you give it a shot.”
“Give what a shot?” 
“Analyze me, go on I won’t bite” Something about the words that left her lips amused her, Stiles wanted to ask why but her proposition grabbed his attention “ just tell me the first thing you can tell about me.”

Stiles never a more infuriating, strange, mysterious girl like Ariel. He didnt even know her last name yet she was more than comfortable with hanging out in his room when ever she pleased, going through his library, listening to his music and worst of all, analyse him like a Petridish under a microscope and she was always right. But she offered to teach him in exchange for his books and music? There was a warning at the back of his mind but how could he pass up such a opportunity to get to know his enemies before they get him? Especially when his tutor had such a sultry smile and mesmerizing blue eyes.

littlelionma_am littlelionma_am Jan 10, 2016
I love it how that does actually sound like Stiles. Great "use" of the characters!!
columbidae columbidae Aug 26, 2015
this will be my third time reading this story (I'm not weird I'm just so in love with this fictional relationship LIKE CAN THIS HAPPEN TO ME minus the death)
HunterRaeV HunterRaeV Oct 12, 2014
I love how having Meg ties everything in a nice neat little bow, the perfectly packaged story!!
silverspacechameleon silverspacechameleon Jun 10, 2014
@Sincerelylmb I am sorry but I did not understand the point to your comment. Writing in any POV depends entirely on the author whether it is a fanfiction or not.
BlueMeerkat BlueMeerkat Aug 24, 2013
As I expected you teased my curiosity and now I wanna know what happens next :-P I am also curious to see how you are gonna braid your two stories together :-)