The Man I Need

The Man I Need

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Sheronderrek By sheronderrek Updated Mar 10

Beyoncé point of view 

" Would you like me to get you some coffee" My assistant Michelle asked

" Yes please with  two sugars " I said 

" Right away ma'am " she said running off to get the coffee

I looked at my phone and seen my sister calling and I sighed largely.

" What solonge " I answered annoyed 

" Can you do me a huge favor " she asked 

" No you can't borrow anymore money I practically gave 1k this week" I said annoyed 

" Beyoncé please your my only help and I need you to watch Daniel tonight " she said 

" Solonge what could you possibly need this money for you have a house I paid off and a car I paid off " I said 

" Can you please just watch your nephew I'll get the money myself if I have to" she said 

I wasn't gonna let her get the money herself because I knew she would go back to her old self and I can't not watch my nephew because I don't want him around that hood rat of a father he has.

" I'll give you the money and bring me my nephew tonight solonge I'm not playi...

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- - Jan 27, 2017
Its the mickey mouse 
                              Club house
                              Come inside its fun inside. . . .