Connect With Me - (CaKe Fanfic)

Connect With Me - (CaKe Fanfic)

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JennerVingne By JennerVingne Updated Nov 17

Kendall: Hi Gi! 
Cara: Um hi? Who's this?
Kendall: I'm Kendall? 
Cara: beautiful name.. I'm Cara 
Kendall: Cara? sorry I think I miss typed the number. Sorry for disturbing 
Cara: That's totally ok! Wanna chat? 

Kendall Jenner, a sweet innocent girl who doesn't talk much. She's shy but sly. She hasn't got many friends, only one close one, Gigi. 

Cara Delevingne, every girl and boy's dream. She's the coolest girl in her school and has is known for her bad behaviour. But deep down inside, she has a soft place. 

Kendall Jenner has gotten a new phone for her 18th birthday. She got an iPhone 6s and typed in all her contact numbers from her previous phone. 

She then by mistake miss types a number and doesn't realize who it was until the contact replies.

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