Sex Slave//Dolan Twins

Sex Slave//Dolan Twins

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Madison Newton live life as a normal, happy teen. Her life turns upside down when a car accident hits. Her family's money is now all gone, what now!

Published 8-10-16

Cover creds to me!

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Complete 2-4-17

laughtrack laughtrack Feb 09
on a completely off topic note- im the same age as them ofmsjxbd i look like a potato yet they look like vogue models can someone please explain
lolgirl7095 lolgirl7095 Jan 03
I say amazballs a lot and my friends look at me like I'm the weirdest thing in the world
If my mum said that to me I would be like sell yo self you selfish motherf*cker
ImAnAmericanTragedy ImAnAmericanTragedy Dec 15, 2016
You gone be suckin' them balls like a vacuum cleaner in a bit
laughtrack laughtrack Feb 09
she's just salty because she cant be dicked down by the twins smh jealousy
dolansgirl21 dolansgirl21 7 days ago
It's sad that this actually happens. Drug addicts sell their childreen to strangers just to get more drug