Pregnant By My Bully { jbff }

Pregnant By My Bully { jbff }

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hi By bizzleoh Updated Jul 30, 2014

Grace was just a girl, a girl who wanted nothing but to please her parents.
She was never in trouble, she wasn't a crazy, hormonal teenager.
She was just, Grace.

Why did everything come crashing down around her?
Why did that one monster under her bed decide now was time to ruin things?
Why did things end up like this?

[ Currently under editing, switching chapters up, and going over. Bare with the bad grammar and spelling ]

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Skydoggee Skydoggee Jul 13, 2016
All I can think is Shane Dawson 😂 I way yt to much 😂😂
AlexisIsAWeirdo AlexisIsAWeirdo Apr 11, 2015
My heart is hurting, because I was her. God I'm so happy I'm in college now ❤️
dream_out_loud1 dream_out_loud1 Sep 06, 2014
Remember people, there is just some stupid people in this f*cked up world... Remember that.
shawtyletsgo shawtyletsgo Jul 26, 2014
Is he like some kind of witch that does magic stuff lol like bonnie in TVD
shawtyletsgo shawtyletsgo Jul 26, 2014
Idk why but I like this face. It looks like that face you make when you're surprised and you found out about something disgusting.
shawtyletsgo shawtyletsgo Jul 26, 2014
wtf is wrong with glasses lol and studying that's what school is mainly for