Assassin (Marichat fanfic)

Assassin (Marichat fanfic)

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Miraculous Fanatics By MiraculousFandom Updated Jun 20, 2017

Chat Noir is an assassin. Hired to kill, payed to forget. He does his job well, each kill clean and unnoticed.

But when he gets a particularly  powerful client, what will happen when his victim wrenches his heart, and possibly changes him for the better?

*An AlpacaTheGreat production in association with MiraculousFandom*

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Me: Chat, eat a snickers.
                              Chat Noir: Why?
                              Me: Cuz you’re not you when you’re hungry.
                              Chat Noir: *eats snickers*
                              Me: Better?
                              Chat Noir: Better!
Cherry_blossom_16 Cherry_blossom_16 May 01, 2017
The first time I watched Miraculous Ladybug, I fell in love with her cuteness and wished she was my younger sister. *If only* 😔
meowisnow meowisnow Apr 20
“An adorable black kitten,” 
                              Me: Awwww~
                              “ bigger than Chat’s pocket knife he kept in his boot.”
                              Me: Oooooookay, then.
PrincesofLove123 PrincesofLove123 Aug 10, 2017
Like when u delete this story of ur library by accident😭😭😭
Mid_Pea_Gal Mid_Pea_Gal Apr 17, 2017
Mari: But he's got a knife.
                              Chat: Purrincess, that's not a knife. *pulls knife from boot* THIS is a knife.