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"You are my Princess, Marinette. You know that. Don't ever forget it!"

They say that words can change lives, but for Marinette, an ordinary Parisian college student, she finds that difficult to believe.
Chat Noir, half of Paris' favourite crime fighting duo, however, knows how true this is. By day, he is also just an ordinary civilian, but when trouble arises (or just whenever tbh), he transforms into a superhero and saves the day.
But when Chat Noir begins to befriend Marinette, they become ever closer, even as Marinette begins to descend into depression. Soon enough, saving the day isn't the only thing on his mind. He needs to save her. But will this put Chat's secret identity at risk? Will he ever be free again?

{AU where Mari isn't Ladybug. Ruins the entire fandom, I know, but whatever. Deals with some sensitive issues, including depression and anxiety. Please don't comment saying I shouldn't write characters like that if I don't suffer, because I do. Most chapters are okay, and you will be warned if they are more triggering.}

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Moxy4ever Moxy4ever Dec 26, 2017
BTW author Chan I am going to be spamming you a lot so sorry for that! But this story sounds good so far.
TLCBookWorm TLCBookWorm Feb 21
Who the HECK IS ANNALISE?! I’m not trying to be rude I’m just wondering.
Emeraldgreen1593 Emeraldgreen1593 Nov 03, 2017
guys how fitting is this 
                              listening to love story by taylor swift with the lyrics "i'll be your princess XD
my_name_is_hilarious my_name_is_hilarious Aug 28, 2016
                              FANGIRLS AND FANBOYS COME TAKE YOUR WEAPONS. 
                              AND A COOKIE FOR LUCK
-earthbends- -earthbends- May 15, 2016
So romantic 
                              *fangirls under a deep sleeping curse*
laurennnddd laurennnddd Jan 18, 2017
I know you changed her look but I'm just going to pretend it's the same. (Unless I learn to like it lol)