Chat Noir X Male!Reader

Chat Noir X Male!Reader

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AmazingSep By AmazingSep Updated Sep 28, 2016

You had moved to Paris after the sudden death of both your parents. You were to now go live with your uncle and aunt. Both being incredibly famous for their trend of designer clothing.

You're whole life changes when you find a interesting small box off the side of the street. Suddenly you're a superhero! 

 Now it was time to lend your help, you found there was some villain by the name of HawkMoth thats been using akuma, butterflies infused with black energy, to influence and transform everyday citizens into supervillains.

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Woman: You gotta get that calcium to make your bones grow 
                              Me: Bitch I drink my milk every mornin! My bones are strong but they just ain't growin! I eat my greens and I eat my fruit but the results just ain't showin!
                              ... I'll leave
Pastel-Idiot Pastel-Idiot 2 days ago
that's pretty tall (to a lot of short people), staying short is like staying 5'1 since the seventh grade and never growing since then, maybe growing an inch
When everyone has cool hair and eye colours and here I am with black hair and black eyes. Welp! I still love them~
lisapink lisapink Oct 01
...... I'm taking French GCSE and yet I can't even read this shiz 
Brown hair, and dead shark eyes.
                              I'm not exaggerating.
FeyMischief FeyMischief Oct 01
Dark purple hair and one sea green eye and one aqua blue eye