Adopted By Monsters  -Undertale × Baby Reader-

Adopted By Monsters -Undertale × Baby Reader-

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Spoilers! If you have not seen both pacifist and genocide routes of Undertale, get out! You have been warned! 

Sans finds a baby on the streets. The monsters of Undertale decide to adopt them. What can possibly go wrong? More than they thought. 

Undertale, images, music, and all that stuff does not belong to me. All credit to them!

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XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Jun 02, 2017
So he just takes the baby, without even checking if they were abandoned or not? Uh.. okie ^.^
Papayamaya72 Papayamaya72 May 06, 2017
Call us your bonylicious borkers
                              (I'm tired and bored don't judge me)
Aristole_Asteroid Aristole_Asteroid Dec 07, 2016
                              BABY MODE ACTIVATE
                              Lays on ground*
                              FEEED MEH CAKES
takemetotheland- takemetotheland- Nov 15, 2016
                              playing the thrombone
Shaylene1216 Shaylene1216 Sep 29, 2016
so the baby was wrapped up in a black, white and black blanket..
--SeraphOfTheEnd-- --SeraphOfTheEnd-- Jun 26, 2016
Great first chapter ^-^ I think the reader  should be adopted by toriel because who wouldn't want to get adopted by goat-mum