My Soul? It's Yours.

My Soul? It's Yours.

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Ariel Grace Watson By Arigwatson Completed

You become a citizen in Snowdin due to being lost in the undergrounds. You had left Toriel and the ruins only to be greeted by someone you would've never thought to be so important, or essential, to your life.

*warning: might get serious and have adult content in some parts also maybe some spoilers for both the pacifist and the genocyde routes.


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LegendaryRose89 LegendaryRose89 Apr 29, 2017
Ice chapter ya know that ther was snow way I would ever compete with this  complicated book. It's really divine! But is your book a coffee? CUZ I LOVE IT A LATTA!!
EisiamGodesOfStories EisiamGodesOfStories Dec 14, 2017
everyone in the coment here is either talking about there hight or sans height...... with I think is 4'2 because he's short...........
XxxMJCupcakexxX XxxMJCupcakexxX Jul 14, 2016
I feel so stupid for a second I thought this was a Gaster!Sans story and then I realized I was fooled by a picture!
EchostarPandabooTwo EchostarPandabooTwo Sep 28, 2016
If i have a little past shoulder length hair and my hair has natural ringlets and is super fluffy, does that mean i have long hair? Btw i have dish-water-blonde hair
Suga-Cookiez Suga-Cookiez Nov 05, 2016
Hey, Author Chan? I have a question.
                              Did you get the title of this book from the song
                              'World's end dancehall?'
                              Because in one part, it says
                              "My heart? It's yours."
frxnk-iero frxnk-iero Aug 10, 2016
What do I say half of my hair is bleach blonde and the other half is brown