His Little One

His Little One

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MATURE!! 18+ 

"Do you know what a dominant and a submissive is little one?" He asked. His eyes were steady, his fingers ceased moving all together. The rain was still poured around them.

She managed to shake her head.

He smirked the same mischievous smirk he wore when she was around. "I have the personality of a dominant, and you," he ran the pad of his thumb over her racing pulse. "You have the natural personality of submissive."

Why was he telling her this? He was her employer, her boss; not some intimate lover.

"Sir I don't think-"

"No no little one. You're mine now." He raised his hand and tangled it in her wet hair while the other wrapped around her waist. "I have something of yours; which leads me to believe you my little one were being very naughty."

Rosalinda was struggling to stand right. The skirt of her dress rose easier as it rubbed against his suit and the height difference between them made her tip toe. She hardly reached his shoulders; with his arms around her waist it was hard to stand straight.

"What are you talking about sir?" Rosalinda looked at him as she bit her lower lip.

He lowered his head till their lips were nearly an inch apart. "I have your wet panties in my pocket." He said as he took her bottom lip between his teeth and nibbled on them. Rosalinda wanted to run away, instead enjoyed, the sensation of his lips felt pressed against hers. His teeth ceased nibbling and now his tongue flicked out and slithered into her mouth.

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Why are people going cra cra over the fact some dude closed some dinner ?