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Pen Your Pride
I'm No one's Omega

I'm No one's Omega

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BoyxBoy's #1 Stalker 옥 By CozyBXBLover Updated Apr 09, 2015

Copyright © 2016 by CozyBXBLover. All rights reserved.  

{On Hold..}


(W A R N I N G: This story may contain adult content that may disturb some.)   

Meet Anthony! An 'omega' with an attitude.  

Anthony life is suddenly turned upside down when his pack has offered him to another pack to form an alliance.  

A cave pack. 

In this cave he runs into a lot of obstacles that get in his way of living out a happy life. The biggest obstacle being his true mate the alpha of the cave pack. Well at least he thought that was his biggest obstacle. 

Anthony's drive to be a good person and also his big mouth gets him into trouble that takes more then just a simple 'talking it over' to get him out of the deep waters. But Anthony finds out that the enemies he's made isn't the only one's out to get him. Destiny is too.. 


  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • cavepack
  • lycans
  • mpreg
  • omega
  • relationships
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- - Aug 09, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂 I totally thought that noone was someone's name for a second before I realized it was "no one" 😂😂😂😂 god I'm such an idiot, i swear
- - Aug 09, 2017
This is actually very sad, you can't just force a mother to give up her child like that, there going to be a lot of hurt and pain, I feel really bad for them
Narry_Dreamer_131 Narry_Dreamer_131 Aug 24, 2016
Omg,I'm literally crying right now,it took me months to find this story again,I lost my password of my first account and I didn't remember the title,I was looking for this story like crazy. Now I can die happily. I love this story so much. \(*¤*)/
tedyboo tedyboo Dec 18, 2015
Me instead of andy "you send me there and I'll make sure that this pack will be attacked by cave wolves first . This is promise. "
Evelyn_Major Evelyn_Major May 28, 2015
its good but all I could think about was where's a window when you need it
Nnnexy Nnnexy Dec 18, 2013
OMG I'm so in love with this story it hurts. Update soon it's really good!!