Aphmau Hidden Side's

Aphmau Hidden Side's

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CZMO🥀🌺 By TCQueeZLG Completed

-Takes Place In Highschool Grade 11-

Aphmau, future ruler of the nether, goes to phoenix high. There she is known as the nicest girl. An easy target for bullies. She would soon fall in love with aaron. Little did she know there love is forbidden

Aaron, future ruler of the divine demension, goes to phoenix high. There he is known for the kid who always gets into fights. Not a easy target for bullies. He would soon fall in love with aphmau. But the love between the divine demension rulers and the nether rulers are forbidden.

They never spoke to eachother or even looked at eachother until one day that all changed. They never knew eachothers secrets, they never even knew the love between a shadow and a divine is forbidden. 

Will they find out eachothers hidden side's? If they do what will they do when they hear there love is forbidden?

Yes i do know that in mcd there powers are the opposite but i wanted to do something different xD and also most of these characters belong to aphmau but please DONT copy the plot-line thankyou! I also know my cover has a grammar mistake and im planning to fix that so please, no need to point that out to me.

MrRhinosurus MrRhinosurus Dec 20, 2016
Yeah thats right u don't deserve Aaron and I swear if u mess with ma Aarmau u will die
Ren0072 Ren0072 Jul 23, 2016
My school nurses forget that you're hurt and turn it into social hour.
MrRhinosurus MrRhinosurus Dec 20, 2016
Hahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahha I remember that ep hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahaha
KittyKat000000 KittyKat000000 Dec 06, 2016
No joke Laurence get your act together! Seriously! The holes like you!! LIKE THEM BACK!
PuppyCake47STTCarrot PuppyCake47STTCarrot Nov 24, 2016
Luma_Art Luma_Art Oct 07, 2016
My school nurse is almost never seen by my school we all manage to stay in hurt I'm surprised that I haven't gotten hurt I'm clumsy very clumsy