Until Love Fades [BOOK 2]

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G. By g_imnida Updated 2 months ago
Until Love Fades is the second book of His Naughty Proposal.
    Copyright g_imnida 2013
    Every story has its own happy ending. I can say that we achieved it together, with our kids. I regret nothing about everything we've done together.
    But what if ...
    something tries to ruin everything? Will I survive? Will I stay? Will WE survive? Will WE stay?
    I don't know. It just happened all of a sudden. It was unexpected. I don't really want to give up because of the love. But sometimes, I just want to give up and leave, 'coz it pushes me to that brink.
    Will I still be able to stay... until love fades?
    Click Start Reading for the complete prologue. This is already ongoing. ^_^
    x, G.
exciting to~
                                    katatapos ko lang sa book 1 ngayon babasahin ko na agad ang book 2
Omy... i'm looking forward to this.. lol. I'm still half way through in his naughty proposal thou..♥♥ haha
GHADD ! ngayon ko lng nabsa to 
                                    nkalimutan kong nka post na pla
                                    ang part 1 hihi
eeek! kasal na po cla? sana nandito ung details nung kasal nla... hehe,, cant wait...
I'm excited for updates ms. Author <3  sana happy ending :))
Happy Ending, please? Hahaha! Parang alam ko na mangyayari. Shet, kakaexcite naman to! Hahaha