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I Can't Handle You // Kagehina Oneshot

I Can't Handle You // Kagehina Oneshot

10.7K Reads 494 Votes 7 Part Story
~(^•^~) By oOFandomsOo Completed

Hey! This is a Kagehina omega-verse oneshot! It contains mature content so behave yourselves! ;)

   Kageyama is a Alpha and a very confusing one at that. Many Omegas, of all genders, have gone into heat before right in front of his eyes! And he didn't even flinch. However, one day, while working on homework together, Hinata has his first heat, him being a Omega. Everyone says it's his first simply because of his height and that's the reason as to why he didn't have his first sooner. Hinata has never really let his rank slow him down until Kageyama enters his life. When Hinata passes out during their homework session, his sensitive smell penetrating Kageyama's nose, Kageyama reacts extremely badly and struggles to control himself while Hinata is vulnerable before him. The Alpha who never reacts to Omegas has finally met his breaking point. What does this mean for Kageyama? And how is he to control it? Especially when Hinata refuses his offer to bond. Find out! In 'I Can't Handle You.'

    Eh? Eh? Read you in my story ;)

Started; June 15, 2016
Finished; June 29, 2016

Brenbourgeoi Brenbourgeoi Jul 10, 2016
"This was before sugawara and daichi BONDED"
                              Me: oh.... OH!!1!1!1! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              *screeches and shakes phone violently*
karasunophan karasunophan Aug 23, 2016
looks at picture with chpater
                              *chOKES ON AIR*
                              *COMES BACK TO LIFE*