Oh, Marcel!

Oh, Marcel!

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Marcel Styles is your average nerd. 

But beneath the nerd, there's a heart. 

A heart that just wants to be loved. 

Ember Rockmore is your average teenage girl.

But beneath the girl, there's a heart

A heart that almost stopped.

When Ember Rockmore moves out to Cedar Hills, she expects to be able to start over. She wants to forget her past. Change her life. 

What she doesn't expect to do is to change someone else's life. 

Enter Marcel Styles. Lived in Cedar Hills all his life and never once made a single friend. Well except for his Russian nanny. But soon all of that changes when a tall, blonde girl walks into his English Classroom. 

Marcel is that someone else.

But just when you think you have heard it all, Marcel has one more secret tucked neatly in his pocket. 

This secret could kill, and it has. 

Take a journey with Marcel and Ember. Find out what they're hiding beneath those thick lenses, and the beautiful blue eyes.

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Daeleesi Daeleesi Oct 04, 2017
I thought this story would be different...she only needs to hate herself and needs to cut and it would be completely cliche. (Stop cutting btw <3)
ForeverHarry_1 ForeverHarry_1 Jul 10, 2017
Well, you're sitting on him, so technically you'd still have to stand up for yourself.
Daeleesi Daeleesi Oct 04, 2017
I ask me the same...all day...SO that’s why I‘m perfect for him. Ok no, I‘m not perfect for anybody #sadlife 😐🔫
ForeverHarry_1 ForeverHarry_1 Jul 10, 2017
As soon as the big bang started. Me and you can create a big bang to, if you'd like.😉
Daeleesi Daeleesi Oct 04, 2017
Like...Jonny, without the h...that would be...weird. Like meh.
NiallerStyler14 NiallerStyler14 Jul 31, 2017
Nothing like boii youre the hottest nerd on eart h like😂😍😍