Nerd With a Secret - Larry Stylinson Au-

Nerd With a Secret - Larry Stylinson Au-

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CHARLOTTE & ANDREA By PeasantIShipLarry Completed

Harry Styles is a nerd that everybody ignores and bullies but he doesn't care.

He lives with it because he has a secret and no, his secret isn't that he is gay. He's very open about that. 

No, he has another secret, one that he would never tell anybody because if he did, his life would no longer be normal.

His plan is working until the new boy Louis Tomlinson gets involved. What happens when he becomes suspicious. Will Harry's secret be revealed? What happens when feelings start to evolve?

[Punk Louis and Nerd Harry Fanfic]

Copy Right © Charlotte (@PeasantIShipLarry) and Andrea (@fabhazftlou) 

You have 4 nipples?
                              Nah not a big secret, all the cool people know that.
larry_girl827 larry_girl827 Mar 01, 2016
I've literally lost track of how many times I've read this 😂😂
Guys!!! Guess what?! I'm setting up an LGBT+ group at school!!
Everyone is saying that he's either a stripper or a porn star or a prostitute......what if he's actually a model or something?
I'm not a giant nerd but I do love history.....not just the song 😉 Budum Tsss......I'll show myself out 🙃
- - Mar 21, 2016
I think his secret is going to be that he's actually really hot... Not that he's not hot already but..