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Not A Test Subject (Science Sans X Reader)

Not A Test Subject (Science Sans X Reader)

19.4K Reads 603 Votes 6 Part Story
Undertale_Fan101 By Madison-hedgefox Completed

You were a human who lived on the surface with an insane father who used living beings as lab rats and guinea pigs for his research he even used you. He tried creating your mother into a powerful being but the process failed and it took her life away, from then on he became insane. You decide that you should just end your life since it's filled with nothing but sadness and depression so you climb the famous moutain, Mt. Ebott. There, you meet a skeleton who changes your entire life. 

Enjoy~ ♡♡♡

- - Sep 09, 2016
oh my gosh! it's the adorable, endogeny! (the amalgamate, did I spell it right?)
ThatSmileyShit ThatSmileyShit Aug 10, 2016
Omg, I have found two game things that I think of XD 
                              Mad Father and
                              Never ending nightmares *I think that's what it's called*
SanstheDunkmaster SanstheDunkmaster Aug 28, 2016
This story inspired me to write more Sans x reader stories thank you 😁
Hellokittypeep Hellokittypeep Dec 20, 2016
XD I do that with these little short stories i like to do at school
                              I get 2 paragraphs in and START A NEW STORYYYYYYYYYYY
                              They're really stupid and random stories
TrashberryForLife TrashberryForLife Sep 27, 2016
@Mei_Finne You genuis, I've called it Pa-Pasta... God, that's majestic, truly from the heart. :')
DaKawaiiPopato DaKawaiiPopato Sep 12, 2016
                              OH MY GOD I HAVE A REALLY GOOD OUTFIT FOR THAT!