When we are Older.

When we are Older.

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CJ By MissLynchx Updated Jan 05

'So if I grow taller than you, like this..' he pointed out his hand above her head 'You'll marry me right?'

'How bout' we see if the time actually comes, shortie?' she grinned at him and ran of over the playground with him chasing her.

Story based on Ceejles (Tumblr) AU for height difference.

2cool4uboo 2cool4uboo Jan 01
who do you prefer princess sakura serenity or miraculous cora zone
KarenOcampo109 KarenOcampo109 2 days ago
Cerise_Owl Cerise_Owl Sep 10, 2016
I may be tall. But I'm fast, so Adrien has a point. But honestly, I don't think height affects people's spped
*cough sputter cough* s-s-someone call th-the fangirlbulace... *Dramatic cough* im diying of fluff overload!
beautypie200 beautypie200 Jul 27, 2016
I'm a shortie
                              And let me just say 
                              I am fast at running
                              I'm in track, basketball, and swimming, plus I am a girl who just run for fun so may I just say, ADRIEN
                              U GO GURL
Wolflover4Ever309 Wolflover4Ever309 Nov 01, 2016
😂😂😂 I could hear slow and calm background music then it suddenly breaks after she's like "wait let me introduce myself " 😂😂😂😂😂😂