Better Down Where It's Wetter: Chapter 1

Better Down Where It's Wetter: Chapter 1

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noexceptions34 By noexceptions34 Updated Aug 02, 2013

The rays of the morning sun glistened on the ocean floor after a long night of darkness. Ariel pulled the unconscious prince behind her as she flipped her fins towards the shore, which was just on the horizon. She had rescued him from a shipwreck out in the middle ocean. Lightning had struck his ship and ignited a dozen crates of fireworks, that were being shot into the night sky to celebrate the prince's birthday.

A yellow and blue fish splashed through the water beside her. He had a small red crab holding on to his back fin.

"Thanks for coming guys." Ariel said to the fish and crab.

"No problem Ariel." Flounder, the fish, replied.

"I made a promise to your father and I intend to keep it!" Sebastian, the crab, said in his Jamaican accent .

"What about my father?" Ariel stopped after hearing that "F" word.

"Nothing, dear." Sebastian replied, but began to mumble to himself under his breath. "The girl cannot know I must stay by her side and keep her from going to the shore"

"What ...

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