Heaven or Hell [Osomatsu-san x Reader]

Heaven or Hell [Osomatsu-san x Reader]

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˙ ͜ʟ˙ By siroulikesdoggos Completed

An Osomatsu-san Fanfiction about the Devimega AU. If you don't know what that is, then go look it up, it's really good and the fanart is beautiful!~

The 'basics': 

•(y/n) - your name

Yea that's all. Hope you enjoy~ Also please give me feedback so I can improve! (uㅅu❀)

TheMeowingNeko TheMeowingNeko May 20, 2016
                              OR MAYBE JYUSHI ?!??!! !!! 
                              Im fangirling already XD
- - Sep 11, 2016
I feel like oso's demon voice would sound kinda like bill cipher's
I don't think heavens real,but I think hell's real,and I would love to go there
Pokkapistol Pokkapistol Aug 26, 2016
Could you give me a link to the devimega au? I can't seem to find it.