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Choromatsu x Reader-Music to My Ears

Choromatsu x Reader-Music to My Ears

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VeeVee By KawaiiShou Completed

The music business was a tough job, but you were up for the challenge. You spent your whole life playing and creating music, because it was your passion. Music was what made you, you, and you kept it close to your heart. But, when your mother gets in a severe car accident and passes away, your father decides to take a plane to Switzerland, to get away from his old life. Deciding to go with him, you attempt to follow him to his destination but end up getting on the wrong plane, and you end up stranded in Tokyo Japan, knowing absolutely no Japanese, and with no money to return to your father. The only thing you have with you is your small, portable ukulele. Stranded in Japan, you decide to try and play music on the side of the street to raise enough money to return to your father's side. But, when a certain man in a green hoodie finds you playing your music on the side of the streets, it's clear your music isn't the only thing he admires.
Are ya'll ready this is gonna be some fluffy AF shit right here. Same as the first story, this is female reader x Choro, but anyone of any gender may read, I just forget to add gender neutral pronouns. I had a C in English class this year for a reason, I forget to add shit like that. 


Amandica07 Amandica07 Apr 15
                              the knowledge of a toddler in a few hours > what I know
Amandica07 Amandica07 Apr 15
No. Starbucks is for white people. "Sutabaa" is for Japanese people?
I feel like I should mention, just for fangirls sake, that all sextuplets are 5'6. It's canon. They're short as heck.
I immediately thought of Tyler Joseph as soon as I read ukulele