Kitsune Osomatsu X Reader- Eyes of A Beast

Kitsune Osomatsu X Reader- Eyes of A Beast

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KawaiiShou By KawaiiShou Updated Oct 16

Your brother has taken care of you your entire life, since your parents were always very busy with work. One day, he decides to move out to the mountains and bring you along to get you away from your stressful life. 

Not long after you arrived, you noticed some critter has been messing around on your property, pulling up crops and frightening your pets. Deciding to take matters into your own hands, you set a trap to catch the creature responsible for the destruction of your yard. 

When the trap fails, you finally decide to track the creature through the woods to dispose of it. Yet you were more than surprised when you encounter a strange man in the forest at night, with eyes that blaze like that of a beast.


This will be a Kitsune Oso X Reader! (Because I really like Kitsune oso haah) The other brothers will be kitsunes as well, because it will fit the plot better. For those of you who have read my other stories, you know I don't proofread my stuff so haha it's the same for this. This'll be fluffy oh gosh

Author san dont kill my buraza ! (Just incase if you had it in mind )
Aaahh i love it so much !! Thank you for the great chapter !!
I love it !! I really like osomatsu here !! I hope the brothers get to know me/reader !
                              I forgot to write that !! Please keep up with amazing work !