♠Osomatsu san x Reader♠ : Can I be with you?

♠Osomatsu san x Reader♠ : Can I be with you?

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SakoiyaChan By SakoiyaChan Updated May 12, 2017

You are an introverted college student who's in her mid-twenties, majoring in Digital Animation.

You live in the same neighborhood as the Matsuno brothers but you usually go on with your life without interacting with them, avoiding them to be specific since you find them quite troublesome and a little scary.

The story will be about how you start interacting with them, slowly opening up to them and so on and so forth. It'll be a little slow paced so bear with me^^;
This is my first fanfic^^ Man...the last time I wrote something was 2 years ago for school essays>< So this is the first time in my life that I've written my own story like this^^; So please don't butcher me if I make a mistake><


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YuuriLoveVictor YuuriLoveVictor Aug 19, 2017
                              Uhhhhhh crap I forgot
                              Never give up
                              Cinnamon brown
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Oct 15, 2017
"I never knew much about people until I took one apart... just to see how it worked"
Risen-Devil Risen-Devil Oct 06, 2017
I never met my grandfather ;_;
                              either side.
                              NEITHER SIDE ;_;
Daisha-1000 Daisha-1000 Jun 18, 2018
My Mom: I've wiped your ASS for 3 years you better give me a GOD DAMN K I S S!!!
MinoruGrape MinoruGrape May 06, 2018
CeliaValkyrie CeliaValkyrie May 22, 2018
In every single anime,Father read newspaper every single day