Why Idiots Like Me Support Donald Trump

Why Idiots Like Me Support Donald Trump

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John Thomas Jones Carter By UltimateTrumpFan Updated Dec 26, 2016


Have you ever wondered how in the world people are actually dumb enough to support a fascist rotten carrot? 

In this book, I will tell you why idiots like me support Donald Trump!


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SunsetWillows SunsetWillows May 31, 2016
The hat has spoken! Never mind reasonable arguments, because I have a hat!!!
                              -Donald Trump. Basically.
inspired_2_love inspired_2_love Nov 02, 2016
There is nothing wrong with supporting trump we are all subject to our own opinions
cookieclan cookieclan Oct 07, 2016
Yeah.... but thinking about it..... those hats are probably made in china.......
crustyjugglers crustyjugglers Jul 29, 2016
If I leave a comment, will I get a small loan of a million dollars?
Akemi_Akashi Akemi_Akashi Sep 11, 2016
Actually all he is gonna do is make America disappear from the map or the world
Sociopathic-Llama Sociopathic-Llama Nov 27, 2016
I love this warning. Good thing my screen's already cracked from accidentally dropping it XD ;-;