Lams oneshots

Lams oneshots

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A collection of Lams oneshots that are mainly set in a modern AU and occasionally feature other characters from Hamilton. Please let me know if my French is off at anytime since Google translate isn't the most reliable source. 

(C) = Cute/Fluffy 

(A) = Angsty (Although all but one end in something cute)

Picture belongs to yamhaylet on Tumblr and lizardsinner on Instagram! Go check her out!

I accept any form of request/prompt except for smut/lemon/nsfw

~Enjoy and thank you for reading~

IAmTheHuannasaw IAmTheHuannasaw Sep 10, 2016
I've had panic attacks before and I've never really tried grounding. I just focused on my breathing and did my best to help my physical health, which included walking, drinking, typing. Probably not the best way to handle it, but at least I got out of it. I'll keep this in mind if I have one again.
IsabelCai IsabelCai Nov 23, 2016
That was in the play, right? During Hamilton and Eliza'a wedding.
EmilySparkles928 EmilySparkles928 Aug 28, 2016
I didn't realize until I got to this line, but John is helping Alexander do the grounding thing, right?
                              Like, naming things around you, listing things about the things around you? 
                              Sometimes my girlfriend has panic attacks and we do this.
deartheodosiaa deartheodosiaa Aug 14, 2016
Oh my god I love this this is so great way to be good at this I love you so so so much you are the only author ever to understand/know this I love you so much marry me please I love you I love you I love you
SquirrelNeedsGlasses SquirrelNeedsGlasses Dec 16, 2016
"His love for him was never in doubt, they'll get a little place in Harlem and they'll figure it out" * teary eyes while wipes nose and sniffs with Kleenex put of the beautifulness*