Finding Leo

Finding Leo

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THE MAN WITH A PLAN By WiggleWolf27 Updated Aug 18, 2016

Leo Valdez is happy. The war is over, Gaea has been defeated, and nothing could go wrong. Of course, Leo is still the seventh wheel, but the rest of the Seven haven't forgotten him. He is accepted by them, and himself. That is, until, he does something that he will never forgive himself for.

Now, poor Leo is guilty, self-hating, and...alone. By his own intentions. But, will the rest of the Seven and Nico be able to find him and convince him he's not the Loose Cannon, the Uncontrollable Human Torch, or the Seventh Wheel? 

Read and find out what happens to our Repair Boy when he runs away from Camp Half-Blood.

So Percy and Piper has a better friendship than Piper and Leo here. That makes sense.
Beanie147 Beanie147 Oct 02, 2016
I love that show!!!! My favorite character is probably raven or Robin. ...
jessicahowes183 jessicahowes183 May 25, 2016
Isn't it Gaia? and also, for covers look out for KaysleyCooper
I'm smiling like a maniac right now, cuz I think I've got an idea of what's going on 😆
Allievaska Allievaska Feb 27
Oh look Leo took nemos place what next half-blood inc. Get it get it haha
WiggleWolf27 WiggleWolf27 May 25, 2016
Well if it is Gaia, I already started calling her Gaea for the story, but thanks anyway! I'll be sure to look for Kasley though!