Daughter of Iris [Leo Valdez Love Story]

Daughter of Iris [Leo Valdez Love Story]

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Dawn Thompson was like any other fifteen year old girl. She crushed on boys way out of her league, she hung out with her friends at the weekends and she had hobbies, for her art. However there was something that set her apart from other girls. She was a demigod. The daughter of Iris, goddess of rainbows, to be exact. 

Dawn hadn't started going to Camp Half-Blood yet even though she knew she was a demigod. Her father, who too was a demigod and son of Ares, forbade her to go as he thought it was too dangerous for her. Dawn thought this was stupid as Kronos had been defeated as well as Gaia. 

However, one night her and her father were attacked by rogue demigods and a monster. Dawn was forced to pack her bags and travel to Long Island to go to Camp Half-Blood. She was unsure whether he survived or not. 

On her journey she was attacked and barely made it to Camp Half-Blood alone. Somehow, she did.

At Camp her life began to turn around. Despite not knowing where her father was she found a small ray of happiness. A small ray of happiness called Leo Valdez.

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