The Siren (Captain Swan AU)

The Siren (Captain Swan AU)

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killiansass By hooker_at_once Updated Nov 04

After divorcing his wife due to adultery, Killian Jones moves to a town in Maine called Storybrooke to live with his college room mate, David, while he looks for a new place to stay. 

David decides it's good for Killian to get his mind off of things, so he takes him to the "Rabit Hole" down the street. Ordering his drink, he spots a woman in black leather sitting on the other side of the bar surrounded by men. His heart immediately flutters at her beauty as their eyes connect. 

Could this woman be just another pretty face, or his true love?

(This fanfic, I decided to do a gender swap with Killian and Emma, they will still look the same like with their physical appearance -so Emmas hair will still be blonde and Killian's will be black- but a change of clothes and personality will take place. I hope you enjoy with an open mind)

*grabs a tissue* here u go killy, everything will b alright. *gets close enough to killy* **hugs him* *softky touches the hair*
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