Those whom I never met

Those whom I never met

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Ilona By Katriilona Completed

James Sirius Potter knew he was not supposed to be in his Dad's study, but when James gets curious nothing can stop him.

Well, nothing except his annoying little sister and an accidental travel trough time. And the latter is only a temporary mishap. 

Arriving in the past, James is afraid. Not of the rise of Voldemort or the potential Death Eaters. No, he's terrified of what his mum is going to do to him. Suddenly staying in the 90's doesn't sound so bad.

NOTE: This story has not been edited. You may find some minor mistakes as I write all of my stories on my phone. 

I do not own Harry Potter or the pictures used, only the storyline.

And the worst part? There's a sequel too!

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No ones commenting on how James pick-locked that door? Cause I love that. XD
If there was a "first chapter" module, where perfection and nothing less is accepted, I'm pretty sure this would be it
Lily and James Potter.
                              Merlin, I immediatly think of the deceased Potter's. Oh, look, no my eyes are sweating....
Elviraxxz Elviraxxz Dec 18, 2016
It kinda sounds like she's going to wake up one of her stuffed animals
__spiderman __spiderman Dec 21, 2016
Albus should have gone and when past harry and Ginny saw them they would be like "WHAT THE HELL GINNY WE HAVE THREE WHOLE CHILDS!!!???"
Citastic Citastic Dec 18, 2016
Roll credits, movie's 🎥 over, the MCs both died due to unknown circumstances.