Under the Sea ⇔ Cashton ✓

Under the Sea ⇔ Cashton ✓

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[MERMAID AU] When Calum turns 17, he is diagnosed as terminally ill by a group of doctors who can't seem to explain why he is feeling so sick. However, Calum's symptoms go away when he goes diving in the ocean, finding he has not a disease, but a tail.

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drawing on cover by: australienidiots

nathoodle nathoodle Apr 11
She always puts a top and bottom thing and that's cool but like- then a lot of times there isn't smut?
how do mermaids give birth? like once they feel the baby coming do they turn into human form and give birth? like i just
Everyone saying of course not they are mine.. how about say. We know bcz they are probably locked in my best friends closet shes insane
philiptopssorrydan philiptopssorrydan Oct 22, 2016
Of course you do t cuz I do (this is not the first time I made this joke. God I'm lame)
snowybook snowybook Nov 16, 2016
I don't know why but I laughed at the bit that said 'I do not own 5sos' :)
addictsanta addictsanta Jul 17, 2016
I fist pumped the air screeching yes at the top and bottom choices