Life Of A Socially Awkward Girl

Life Of A Socially Awkward Girl

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I'm not just any normal girl.

And I know what you're thinking, Oh my god! She's a vampire or something! But no. I'm not supernatural, even though that would be awesome. I would never be anything like, exciting, or... I don't know. I don't paint my nails or wear high heals like the other girls.
Neither am I very social, I don't have many friends. I'm clumsy. Like, extremely clumsy. Just yesterday I poured water all over my white T-shirt, reveling my bright pink bra. And you know what?

It was in the middle of lunch.

In school.

On the first day.

Everyone was watching me. Even the new guy. What's his name? Logan or something. Every girl's drooling over him for some reason. I don't get it.
And I think you would know by now, how 'not normal' I am. Yes, you know that I'm not a vampire or a werewolf, or a girly girl.

No, I'm socially awkward.

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ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Nov 02, 2016
I used to hate history because of the teachers. Until the best teacher ever came, in 7th grade. He was a little strict, but he was really funny. And whatever he said, just stuck in my brain like it was attached with glue. Now, it's one of my favorite subjects.
Bgg03_ Bgg03_ Feb 12
I love how everyone is saying that she should just love herself. This author is probably trying to make it realistic. I have social anxiety and these are my exact thoughts throughout the day and I know so many other people think this so shut up and let her write this book the way she wants to
lil_strum lil_strum Jan 03
I don't think I'm going to make it through this book if I'm cringing THE WHOLE TIME!!🙃
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Nov 02, 2016
She's eight years older than him? And he's eight years older than the main character? 
                              This is just messed up. He's old enough to be the main character's brother! And her mother is eight years older than him!
GetThePopcorn GetThePopcorn Jul 31, 2016
I have no clue if i blush 😂😂
                              I just feel my face get hawt
MysteryD2 MysteryD2 Jan 10
I LOVE HISTORY!! Finally, someone as socially awkward and weird as I am!