You Can't Make Me

You Can't Make Me

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"You can't make me love you..." 

because I'm already in love...

-D.K. (via: Infinite)

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- - Apr 17, 2017
ok wow , Travis you don't just get people to your beds.. , besides.. who knows what will happen ey?....
DangerDevil07954 DangerDevil07954 Jul 28, 2016
I know what it's like. Well at least @Ender1011 does heheheheheheh
Dont_touch_my_Senpai Dont_touch_my_Senpai Aug 02, 2016
And then they start making out (p.s. this is a lemon so dont continue) then tgey ripped out each others clothes (so dirty) and then uhhhhhh ummmmm (i dont know how to make a lemon yeeeeaaaahhh :| )
stefie171 stefie171 Oct 26, 2016
WTF! Garroth?! ........ Travis?! .... SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING 
                              ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!
Dont_touch_my_Senpai Dont_touch_my_Senpai Aug 02, 2016
Ohhhhh now i get it. ;) you have a really filty, dirty mind ;)
aehowell_ aehowell_ Dec 27, 2016
And with that they had a wonderful make out session. Then they sexually took off each other's clothes. Then they did stuff you do in LeMoNs and had cake babies. The End
                              Damn I suck at lemons XD