Inhuman [Complete]

Inhuman [Complete]

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Emilee Rose Arthur By EmzieRose Completed

There came a time where powers had to be unleashed. It wasn't every day that you went from a normal teenage girl, and turned into a monster.

When 15-year-old girl Bexley Williams has her day turned upside down by her daily vitamins, she is stalked by people hungry for her newly exposed powers. After she is kidnapped, SHIELD comes to the rescue and ends up sedating her and taking her back to headquarters.

Does Bexley want to be on SHIELD's side? Questions left unanswered and discoveries made make Bexley uneasy and wanting help from anyone who was willing to give it. 

- Agents of SHIELD Fan fiction -

        Avengers CROSSOVER

luckyone18 luckyone18 Oct 21
That's like me most of the time except for history instead of math
CSP2708 CSP2708 Nov 30
This is me. I don't usually have to study for anything, but I usually do anyways so that I can get 100% for sure.
It's true though. It stinks when you take it out of the bottle. Doesn't have a taste to it but all the pills in one bottle makes quite a fishy smell.
Already off to a good beginning...I love the mixture of genres in one story :)
That will be a fatal mistake. Also, I don't think it would matter where he got the fish oil from, I'm sure the fish oil is manufactured in lots of places and sold all over. Plus, the terrigen could have spread to lots of places.
This is really good! Bexy is written nicely. Can't wait TO READ MORE!!! :D