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DemonHunter94 By DemonHunter94 Completed

"Ruth Blackwell," Elder McLoughlin spoke. His deep voice thundered across the clearing like thunder. "You stand before us, your pack and your family, accused of murder. We, the Elders, have found you guilty of this crime." 

Ruth had her life, her family, everything she ever dreamed of just ripped away. She spends years trying to find a way to get revenge on the alpha that she had been betrayed by. Will the need for revenge be too strong for her, or will Ruth find a new view on life?

VHThompson VHThompson Aug 08, 2016
No he is not!! He better not be a bother to do what I think he is!
frasermagoo frasermagoo Aug 16, 2016
she is better off being a rogue than living with a pack who has an Alpha like him who kills people then shifts the blame on others and her mate is no better he should have fought his father for her