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Till Death Do We Part (Book Two)

Till Death Do We Part (Book Two)

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Faux By DontPanicPanicPa Completed

It has been four years since Gerard kidnapped Willow, and left her to be put in a mental hospital against his will. Willow and her fellow captive, Isabella, were kept separately at Gerard, and Franks house. Gerard, Willow, Isabella, and Frank had been in the middle of Gerard and Willow's wedding when the police rescued them. Gerard had said 'I do' but Willow's vow went unanswered. He has made sure never to break his vow, and has spent four years waiting, and acting.  

Willow is now twenty-one, and has her own house, just on the edge of New Jersey. She still has hallucinations, but she never told anyone about them, not even her best friends. She has a job to keep her mind off of the memories, and Gerard. She's still friends with Christina, Isabella, Mikey, and Ray. But will her friends be able to protect her from the unthinkable events that are going to happen?

Ughhhh why can't they just end up together cause Gerard is just so adorable
areaderofbooks areaderofbooks Dec 21, 2015
Oh yaaaaayyyyy.....
                              *takes a shot of whiskey*
                              I think I'm ready...
frnkierohno frnkierohno Jun 28, 2015
im a bit worried at this statement bc the last book was pretty crazy..
Deztroyur Deztroyur Jan 27, 2015
haha ~"Way" more effed up ~ love the choice of words there XD
DontPanicPanicPa DontPanicPanicPa Jul 17, 2013
@TheOtherSmith WOOOO I'd blow all my money in Hot Topic, but do I have any? And would my parents not take anything from me that I bought?
                              NOOOOOPE. -.e shmh...
DylanRa3 DylanRa3 Jul 17, 2013
@Vampire_Ghostie BWAHAHAHAHA
                              It's the damn Hot Topic stores that are robbing me of my freaking money! *hisses* Evil, I tell you. RUNNING LOW ON EYELINER? OHMYGOSH WE HAVE TO ALERT THE CHURCH ELDERS; THIS IS A CATASTROPHE.