HIS TESORO (#wattys 2016)

HIS TESORO (#wattys 2016)

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neha By Nehalovesbooks Completed

Zachary Rodriguez, a twenty-four year old soul feared and hated by some, respected by others. He's cold-hearted that he doesn't care about anyone, except those who hold importance for him but , Zachary's heart soon melted by the girl named Claire Colton. 

They both have a bad past but Claire is much worse with having a bad present and being all alone in the world, or so she thought. After five years of waiting in the shadows Zachary Rodriguez now wants to make his appearance in the girl's life.

Read to find the rest.

*Guys this is just my third story so have mercy and though I will try my best to not go for spelling mistakes but if there are any then don't comment on them cause I will be editing. 

I hope you have fun reading it and yeah for updates I would say I will update on Saturdays every week, but that's not a promise or maybe I will update even earlier*

  • dark
  • humor
  • innocent
  • intimidating
  • love
  • mafia
  • naive
  • obsession
  • possessive
  • romance
  • stalker
  • unwanted
  • wattys2016
emliarad emliarad Feb 18
Why did she assume that it was a man and not a woman who gived her the food? It's not impossible.
x_Miill_x x_Miill_x Sep 05, 2017
Ugh puhlease have you ever tasted food? #FoodIsBae #FoodIsLife 🥘❤️
Jaden1989 Jaden1989 Nov 30, 2017
I love how everyone is loving this book already and it is like not even a full chapter has gone by 😁😂 but I love her story already lol
Cookie-Janay Cookie-Janay Dec 21, 2017
Did she not catch the fact that he knew what time she was supposed to be there
ThugBear6 ThugBear6 Jul 04, 2017
Chris Pine is just ...yummy. hes yummy, okay? I want to hug him. I bet he gives great hugs