~The Maiden in Red~{Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II}(Red Hood Diaries 2/3)

~The Maiden in Red~{Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II}(Red Hood Diaries 2/3)

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Jaclyn White Dove Krottner By Scarlett_Wolf Completed

After ridding of Angela/Ashe, the Angel of Massacre, London starts with a new beginning. 

Ciel returns and seems to have lost a bit of his memories. A new butler, named Claude, and a new master, Alois, are introduced. Are they enemies of Ciel and Sebastian?

Ciel's sister has now gained all of her memories, but for some reason she's still being called Mystery and not Anastasia. Mystery has also somehow changed, but also remains the same. Sebastian is more protective and loving around her and Mystery is protective of Ciel. 
More of Mystery's past will be revealed. Will she have a connection to Alois? Is she involved with his past?

Claude is after Ciel's soul and Sebastian and Mystery are against it. Demons fight over one soul- two for themselves and another to protect....

* Won 2nd Place in AnimeWattyAwards contest in 2014/15 in the Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji category.

AnimeGmr101 AnimeGmr101 May 05
You do realize one now the many reasons people hate you Alois, is because of the way you treat Hannah....
syndraR syndraR Jul 30, 2015
But he still could have become utterly insane bc of his hatred
xaojuns xaojuns Sep 27, 2014
Jalanda_Fuller Jalanda_Fuller Jul 07, 2014
I like him I don't agree with how he treated Hanna, but I like his personality.
elludeddreams elludeddreams Jun 07, 2014
how dafuq do u ppl like alois? sure he might look inncoent and pitiful but hes a rude cross dressing bipolar blonde in booty shorts!
indirectsalt indirectsalt Apr 13, 2014
You don't know how badly HATE Alois. He's soooo rude....HE DESERVES TO GET HIS SOUL EATEN BY WHOMEVER!