The Devil's Daughter (SLOW UPDATES)

The Devil's Daughter (SLOW UPDATES)

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Bella [inactive] By XllSmilellX Updated Jun 08

He's the Alpha.

I'm a stuttering human nerd.

Lost in a sweet oblivion, the werewolves took me for granted.

They laughed at the same person who made ice cold shivers run up their spine and their bodies tremble in fear with a single amethyst-eyed glance.

Werewolves have one main enemy, one that made them piss their pants in fear.

The Alpha loved the same person he despised with a passion.


Hiding like a serpent among the trees, I preyed.

Fear, for The Devil's Daughter is here.


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Published: 4.25.16

Highest Rank: #22 in Werewolf (12.22.16)

CAUTION: This book contains mature, explicit scenes. Read at your own risk.

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Thank you!!! Theres so many books w the female falling in love within 2 chapters
BlueMaidenTheMuse BlueMaidenTheMuse Nov 23, 2016
Hahah human! Right...
                              Anyway sounds great so far I applaud you 👏🏽
cerilorhena16 cerilorhena16 Oct 19, 2016
It's interesting story and i think this story is one of my favorite
Depressed_dude Depressed_dude Oct 10, 2016
At last , a realistic story. Thank you author for writing such a story👏🏼