The Devil's Daughter (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The Devil's Daughter (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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Bella By XllSmilellX Updated Dec 25, 2017

She's a mystery.

She's the unknown.

She's like a ghost who can only be found when she wants to be found.

She's soulless, heartless and merciless.

She's believed to be inhuman, the amethyst-eyed creation of the devil.

She's the ultimate killing machine, the perfect assassin.

She's the Devil's Daughter.

But stories begin to unfold and secrets will be told. Worse, she's mated to Eliot Pierce, Alpha of the Midnight Sun pack. And she's not happy about it and the Alpha won't be either when he realized who she is. But will they learn to accept the other or will this end in a bloodbath? Will love prevail?


Published: 4.25.16

Highest Rank: #22 in Werewolf (12.22.16)

CAUTION: This book contains mature, explicit scenes. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.


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angelknives9 angelknives9 Nov 16, 2017
What time do you update in lebanon its the same a Turkey if it helps and btw i love the story and Im really excited 歹歹歹
Citrine234 Citrine234 Nov 30, 2017
I'm also filipino bes, but I'm more comfortable with english. So I feel you
Farah_Bananabee Farah_Bananabee Apr 14, 2017
Thank you!!! Theres so many books w the female falling in love within 2 chapters
Depressed_dude Depressed_dude Nov 07, 2017
I am reading this right when all the chapters are gone.
                              *deep breathing* *screams of agony*
LuckyChops LuckyChops Oct 16, 2017
I love your book so much so that I will wait a lil longer for it
                              Do what u gotta do.......I'll be waiting
BlueMaidenTheMuse BlueMaidenTheMuse Nov 23, 2016
Hahah human! Right...
                              Anyway sounds great so far I applaud you