The Devil's Daughter

The Devil's Daughter

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Bella =^•^= By XllSmilellX Updated Dec 28, 2016

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She's a mystery.

She's the unknown.

She's like a ghost who can only be found when she wants to be found.

She's soulless, heartless and merciless.

She's believed to be inhuman, a creation of the devil.

She's the ultimate killing machine, the perfect assassin.

She's the Devil's Daughter.

But she didn't expect to have a mate, nonetheless, a lover. Worse, he's the Alpha of the Midnight Sun Pack. She won't be happy when she finds out that she has a mate, especially an Alpha; and I don't think he'll be happy that he's mated to the Devil's Daughter either.


Published: 4.25.16

CAUTION: This chapter contains mature, explicit scenes and has very colorful words. Recommended for 17+. You have been warned!

    *cover made by sinistersushi*

BlueMaidenTheMuse BlueMaidenTheMuse Nov 23, 2016
Hahah human! Right...
                              Anyway sounds great so far I applaud you 👏🏽
cerilorhena16 cerilorhena16 Oct 19, 2016
It's interesting story and i think this story is one of my favorite
Depressed_dude Depressed_dude Oct 10, 2016
At last , a realistic story. Thank you author for writing such a story👏🏼