Broken (Finished)

Broken (Finished)

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실패자 By Toxic_Lullabies Updated Nov 30, 2013

Jade isn't a normal girl. She is beaten, bullied, abused, and ignored by everyone in her life. 

Her mother is dead, her father is a drunk, and her best friend committed  suicide, leaving her with no friends. She is determined to commit suicide on the date of his death when a stranger comes into her life and accepts her. 

But is there really any room for a broken girl in this cruel world?

Cover by TroubledEyes

  • broken
  • fiction
  • problems
  • selfharm
  • teen
I already know that this book is going to spring the waterworks on md
jhefli0353 jhefli0353 Jun 08, 2016
My name is Jade and when I started reading the description I was like maybe this person named Jade we'll be just like me. Then came the part when they said abuse and something about death and I realized she is DEFIANTLY not like me.
BethTheStrangeOne BethTheStrangeOne Aug 01, 2016
Ok I'm sorry but I'm really not liking you now, you know cats have feeling too you know, and if you were a cat would you like to be half potato? I would not. Some of the people who are reading this love and have cats of their own! I'm sorry I'm just really pissed off at this 'potato kitties' thing!
ThatOneLittleBunny ThatOneLittleBunny Jul 26, 2016
You make this book sound like everybody is ganna die in the first sentence.....
radish90155 radish90155 Nov 15, 2016
Hey hey hey  this is way better then loads of other books I've read
TheBRIGHTNightFall TheBRIGHTNightFall Oct 26, 2016
Well.. This is a record.. It's like what? The Fifth paragraph? And oh look.. Tears are coming down my face.. That's nice