The Royal Submissive (boyxboy)

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MarmarG By MarmarG Updated a year ago
The life of a Royal Blood submissive is one that many envy. But they don't know the half of it.                                               
    Calder is the alpha king's son, he is an abomination. A mixed breed that shouldn't exist.                                         
    Because of his existence, the heir of the strongest pack in the America's is half alive and half dead. Because of his witch and werewolf blood, Calder's brother's wolf is stuck in Calder's body.               
    Calder knows that meeting his mate will either bring his own death or the world's destruction.
Wow.... Esillia sounds like world class beotch.  I like Quintis very much :)
It sounds good so far and It makes me want to know more, you have put so much information while only giving away a little. I would love to read more @MarmarG
Wow, I am so flattered thank you so very much for the dedication, I am going to read this today when I finish my update, xoxo
This was a great start! I love the way you write! And this story is very unique! Keep it up!
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Well i must say my cousin and i are both interestrd in seeing where your story goes from here. We are impressed and hope to read more very soon. Well done.
I can honestly say i have never read anything like this and i'm pretty interested to see where it was going. 
                                    There was one thing i saw, you said wolves, but in the sentence structure it should have been wolf. Other than that nothing :)
                                    Great job, keep it up :)