My Mr.Right | Special Story [COMPLETED]

My Mr.Right | Special Story [COMPLETED]

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Bubble Aeri By Galaxy_Yehet13 Completed


Bae Seunghwan, an ordinary girl who don't really bother about her surrounding. She only knows study and book. That's her life.

Two boys in her campus that call 'THE ANGELS' in their eyes.

But not to her.

What if they bumped into each other and they one of her 'Mr.Right'?

Who will she choose?
Byun Baekhyun, the funny type guy or Oh Sehun, the cool type guy?

Copy or Plagiarism the same storyline are highly prohibited. All of the storyline are my own idea. If any of the stories that are same storyline are just coincidence. Thank you for your cooperation.

Book Cover by: yeolieps

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All Right Reserved.

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Baek-it-up Baek-it-up Apr 11, 2016
I'm such a loner. I really need to make more friends or something. *sighs and leaves
Baek-it-up Baek-it-up Apr 11, 2016
How can a guy be cute, sexy, and hot all at the same time!?!?!!
97_done 97_done Jun 23, 2016
How the hell does someone get so hot?!?!
                              And can that please happen to me?!?!
Baek-it-up Baek-it-up Apr 11, 2016
To be honest I want her to end up with Baekhyun since he's my ultimate bias, but you're the author so it's your decision. I won't mind if she ends up with Sehun though. :)
Baek-it-up Baek-it-up Apr 11, 2016
I just realized I've been talking to myself this whole time.
Baek-it-up Baek-it-up Apr 11, 2016
I really need to stop commenting. I've commented so much already. And this is barely the first part of the book.