The Play

The Play

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^?^ By DerpyLadyblog Completed

So in honor of Chat Noir and Ladybug's 100th akuma attack and purification, Marinette and Adrien's school is making a play about them. Well, Marinette gets cast as ladybug and Adrien gets cast as Chat Noir.

A reveal fanfic.

All credit for characters and plot to Thomas Astruc and all of the other brilliant people who made Miraculous Ladybug.

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QuartzUndTawny QuartzUndTawny 15 hours ago
"And those Fanfictions she had been reading on Wattpad" Wait. Hold up, she ACTUALLY READS THOSE!?!? And still doesn't know who Chat is?!?!?!
pearl1996 pearl1996 7 days ago
I love how this all sounds like something they would actually say.
heyaimlauren heyaimlauren 4 days ago
6 years of having an iphone and i never realised you could turn the read thing off 🤦🏻‍♀️
pearl1996 pearl1996 7 days ago
I feel like for a play he wouldn’t need his eyes to be completely green. But if you’re going for total accuracy
I’m Norwegian. And BÆ (bæ) is the sound a sheep make. Baa. You are intending that Adrien is a sheep.
Dang! Most teachers would be all up in your face about how "skin type and body type dont matter, self love and equivalent dudes" but Miss Bustier is savage today 😂