[SansxFrisk] Once Upon A Time

[SansxFrisk] Once Upon A Time

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Frisk Flowerfell By flowerfellfrisk_ Updated Jun 11

"What is your wish sweetheart?" A boy voice said "I won't tell you" a girl voice replied,the boy laughed "okay,if you tell me your wish I won't laugh,promise" the boy said and it was quite for a moment "Promise you won't laugh?" The girl questioned "I promise" the boy replied her,the girl took a deep breath "my wish is I can break the barrier,be with you and tge other monster on the surface" the girl said with her soft tone,but then the boy laugh "Hey! You promised me you won't laugh just now!" The girl sounded a bit mad "Sorry it's just funny cause it was my wish too"

A fallen girl who was fall to the underground the place where monster was trapped for a really long time.

One day her goat mom who was founded her tell her a long time story about a monster who fell in love with a human,monster told her it's not true but she find the truth of the story!

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its not just a bed time story 
                              its flowerfell hun
                              and this story gave me a BED time (bad time lol)
                              if u know what i mean
Nyanlol Nyanlol Jul 25, 2016
I honestly don't know why I'm reading this. I don't ship it but the story is good...